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WifiHifi Magazine captures new Selfie Stick-It

February 01, 2018

WifiHifi Magazine captures new Selfie Stick-It

WifiHifi, the respected magazine celebrating the business of digital, features Selfie Stick-It! 

Selfie Stick-It, brought to you by the creators of the selfie stick, can stick to any clean flat vertical surface. It's basis is a reusable adhesive damage-free gel that can stick to any surface with your smartphone attached. Simply attach the Selfie Stick-It webbing around any size phone, with or without a case, and you're ready to go! Stick it and Click It!

With the included bluetooth remote control, you can activate your smartphone shutter from a distance, take group shots or solo selfies with a nice background. No cropped faces or heads, just quality photos that can be shared.

If you already have a case or Pop socket on your smartphone, even better! Selfie Stick-It works with all cases and Pop socket. 

See more of the WifiHifi article here: https://www.wifihifi.ca/LatestNewsHeadlines/SelfieStick-ItMakesSnappingGroupSelfiesaCinch.html

For more information visit www.selfiestickit.com