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The Christmas Gift with a 5 Star Review from Santa!

December 11, 2018


Santa Claus has a new approach. In a recent interview Mr. Claus revealed that he and Mrs. Claus have spent the better portion of this year unboxing and reviewing gift products. “It is very important that we test all the gifts before we endorse and distribute them to the children on our naughty or nice list.” He explains that even Santa cannot afford a bad review these days. It could put the whole North Pole in jeopardy.

Selfie Stick-It was brought to Mr. Claus’s attention while looking for the best-reviewed gifts under $20 of 2018. Combining proprietary technology with tradition, Selfie Stick-It provides families with a fun; creative opportunity to capture invaluable moments with loved ones (furry pets included) through photography and video footage this holiday season.

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