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Tech It Out with Marc Saltzman and Selfie Stick-It

February 01, 2018

Tech It Out with Marc Saltzman and Selfie Stick-It

Marc Saltzman, respected tech guru, interviews inventor Wayne Fromm, the original creator of the selfie stick. In this interview, Wayne speaks on the selfie stick and his newest invention Selfie Stick-It! 

Recently featured on the international Shark Tank, Selfie Stick-It sticks to any clean flat surface to convert the world into an instant photo booth. It works with all size phones with or without a case and is reusable and damage-free. Stick it to Wood, Metal, Glass, and more! Use your smartphone in portrait or landscape positioning. Take a group shot, solo selfie, use it as a kickstand and watch content. No need to change your smartphone case or take off that Pop Socket. Selfie Stick-It is so simple and does not interfere with other smartphone uses.  

The included Bluetooth remote control activates your camera shutter with ease . Just stick it and click it!

Listen to the full interview with Marc Saltzman here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tech-it-out/2018/01/27/but-first-let-me-take-a-selfie

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