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Move over Selfie Stick! Selfie Stick-It here!

February 26, 2018


We all know and love the selfie stick, from original inventor Wayne Fromm. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for his new invention, Selfie Stick-It!

Covert any surface into an instant reusable photo booth!

No cropped out faces, no up the nose shots, no arms or selfie poles in the photo, no asking a stranger to take your photo!

Simply attach your smartphone to the Selfie Stick-It's silicone webbing (fits any size phone with or without a case), pair your bluetooth remote control to activate your camera shutter or video, stick Selfie Stick-It to any clean vertical flat surface, and smile!!

Sticks to wood, glass, metal, mirror, and more!

Get yours today at: www.selfiestickit.com

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