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Introducing Selfie Stick-It!

October 23, 2017


The creators of the Selfie Stick bring us a new twist on photography. An easy and fun way to convert any surface into an instant photo booth. Instantly attach your smartphone, stick it to any surface, smile and and snap away or video record with the included bluetooth remote control! Compatible with iOS and Android, picture taking has never been so fun.

Use your Selfie Stick it over and over again. It's lightweight, damage-free, reusable, and versatile! Use it with the lanyard accessory to attach it to baby-strollers and bike handle bars for hands-free use on the go, use it in the car with the car adapter, convert it into a table-top tripod with the tripod legs, even customize your Selfie Stick It by changing the colour of the smartphone silicone holder (multiple colour combinations available).

Whether your yearning for that solo selfie, want to capture moments with your spouse and family, celebrating an event or taking an action shot with your pet..."Stick It and Click It" with the Selfie Stick It!