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Connect with Family and Friends with Selfie Stick-It

May 08, 2020

Connect with Family and Friends with Selfie Stick-It

Our hands-free smartphone mount can be used on any clean dry surface. Stick it to your laptop screen, office desk, kitchen wall or counter, cupboards, mirrors, glass...virtually anywhere.

Stream live video, Netflix or video chat with FaceTime, Google Duo, Houseparty, Zoom, or even Tik-Tok.

Selfie Stick-It is your smartphone screen caddy. Compact, lightweight, easy to store

Wait, have you seen our tripod adapter and legs? 

Selfie Stick-It can be used as a kickstand or mounting device. Reusable, damage-free and washable. 

Fits any size smartphone, with or without a case. Pick your color combination, Bluetooth remote included to activate your camera shutter or video mode.